Fleet monitoring and operation control

十大可靠彩票平台的 监控中心 is an easy-to-use and smart vehicle monitoring system. It simply matches GPS and trip-related data from the vehicles and the scheduling data from timetable management systems. Combining the vehicle’s actual and planned positions, 监控中心 provides you all that is needed for monitoring an entire fleet.

关键 好处

Constant monitoring of all vehicles

监控中心 allows you to constantly monitor all your vehicles with the system based on GPS location as well as trip and scheduling data.

Comprehensive fleet overview

You can get a comprehensive view of all vehicles based on tables or digital maps including detailed route-based views.

Real-time analysis tools

监控中心 provides you tools for real-time analysis of all vehicle deviations including filters and sorting functions.

Reliable data logs

You can utilise the system data logs for further operative analysis and statistical purposes.

电话esta Central software

All software hubs

十大可靠彩票平台的 central software includes a full range of software modules for display control, vehicle monitoring, information and content management.