Our stability and long-term commitment to our customers make us an ideal partner in business and reliable 修复 服务 for your equipment. We aim to carry out cost-effective and high quality 修复s: meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations. Our dedicated professionals are at your service.

Hardware and software 修复 服务.
We process 修复 服务 including:
• 产品 manufactured by 电话este.
• OEM products (电话este branded).
电话este’s 修复 服务 include logistics, 修复ing and reporting. The logistic model for 修复 management can be tailored to suit your needs depending on your location and processes; this may involve collecting the equipment from your sites or using preferred freight forwarders.
Third-party equipment 修复s.
Third-party equipment 修复s can also be handled logistically through us, even if the actual 修复 will be implemented at the third-party 修复 premises.

修复 服务


Please complete the RMA (Return Materials Authorization) request form when you need to send devices to our 修复 service.